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Santa Clara Whistleblower Lawyer

A whistleblower is term used to describe an employee who reports, ‘blows the whistle’, illegal activity in the workplace.

Such claims whistblowers are known to bring forward against their employer are:

  • Billing / Accounting Fraud
  • Contract Fraud / Overcharging
  • False Claims / Records
  • Ignoring health and safety concerns,
  • OSHA Violations
  • Wage / Salary Issues

Similarly, qui tam laws permit and encourage private citizens (or “relators”) to bring an action on behalf of the government against a person or company that may be defrauding the government. If you believe you may have a qui tam case or a whistleblower claim, contact our Santa Clara Whistblower Attorneys today for a free initial consultation.

The Santa Clara Employment Lawyers specialize in plaintiff employment law in Santa Clara. We never stand for employers. We are a plaintiff employee advocate firm helping victims of wrongful termination.

Whistblower Qui tam Case in Santa Clara
An qui tam lawsuit is typically brought by the government against a company after a private citizen has identified to the government the corrupt conduct of the business establishment.

The person reporting fraud against the government, the qui tam plaintiff, is an employee of this businesss accused of qui tam, but almost anyone can bring a qui tam case. Whistleblower protection remedies under the qui tam protect a qui tam plaintiff who is terminated in retaliation in the state of California.

Qui Tam Laws

Under most US state federal statutes, any fraud committed against the government such as Medicare fraud, tax fraud or defense fraud can be brought about by any individual who has knowledge of the felony. As a result of this they can file a claim on behalf of the government. If they are deemed successful then they are entitled to receive a percentage of the reward. Qui tam laws aren’t always easy to prove and it is important that you have an experienced whistleblower attorney on your side. Contact our law office if you believe you are a whistleblower of Qui Tam or retaliated or even fired for reporting illegal activity by your employer.

You Need to Choose the Right Whistleblower Attorney in Santa Clara County

Whistleblowers,  have been awarded over $5 billion  for reporting fraud against the government including Medicaid and Medicare fraud. Whistleblowers were awarded $597 million under the False Claims Act in 2015 alone. The United States Department of Justice has recovered over $33.1 billion under the False Claims Act since it was amended in 1986. Today, more than 80 percent of False Claims Act cases pursued by the U.S. Department of Justice are initiated by whistleblowers are referred as Qui Tam cases Whistleblowers, can earn anywhere from 15% to 30% of the government’s recovery of the case.

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